For my friend + New Features

May 31, 2011
That's for my friend... (Above)

I added pages, check out my Video page. (About Me is not done)

Other than that I thought I'd just go over some things about the site I did. As clearly seen... I've reformatted the site with a new template + color scheme + background. Like anything, I've made them all.

As you can see on the left, that's my background image. I first started off with a bright orange color... but that took away too much page-attention. I wanted something simple yet bold. I went with a almost pixel-like font and toned the color down to a almost "doo-doo"-like color. If you haven't noticed, it's also a repeating image. And to our right and lower-side we have our new logo! If you don't know much about computers, the font used for the logo is called Teminal, This is the standard font used for most
CMD's and of course... the most famous: Unix. Althought the standard is diffrent, most uni systems used the "A:>" as the starting.. header? (Is that what you call it?) Anyway I picked this because it was simple yet elegant enough to be used as a logo. Yet again, I was going for a simple scheme and I thought it did a good job. The logo is also a animated GIF file, the dots appear in a line three times before resetting. I used programs such as Paint.Net to edit the fonts and images and Flash to assemble the animated GIF.

Frankly I'm unsure to what I should do with this blog. Up till now I've been focusing on more graphic work and photography, not much PC-related things... who knows where it'll head, I just think the blog theme is alot better now.

Thanks for reading,