My Body Is Ready

June 08, 2011

An example of the spray I made (Unlike the YouTube video version, this version has my name watermarked onto it.)

My fading spray video which I upload a while back now is getting a new crowd of viewers thanks to it being linked from You can find the page HERE, you'll see that my video is a contender for this wonderful little meme. I got hooked into this meme quite a while back and I still love it...

Video and spray-download after the jump...

For those of you looking for the actual spray to download,
Instructions for installing sprays in TF2 / Source games:

1. Download "mybodyisready_final.vtf"
2. Go to this folder: "C:\programs files\steam\steamapps\YOURUSERNAME\team fortress 2\tf\materials\vgui\logos"
3. Copy/move "mybodyisready_final.vtf" into the \logos folder.
4. Start Team Fortress 2
5. Options > Mutliplayer > Choose "mybodyisready_final"
6. ???
7. Profit!

team fortress can be different based on your source game, garrysmod would be: "YOURUSERNAME\garrysmod\garrysmod\materials\vgui\logos" and so forth. But seriously, installing sprays are VERY easy.

Here is the original video as well: