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July 16, 2011

Aside from usual material from either me posting a singular video, image, or rant. Today we have a special treat, a poem written by Mathijs. Although its more like a short epic, but meh.

The Brother of Three
By: Mathijs Izgay

I whipe the blood of my blade
And look my to my side
I see the germanian smile
As he finishes up his kill

As I stand still and look at the sky
The one in pink joins my side
''It was a tough battle'' he said.
As he sheaths his sword

"How many kills do you have?", I ask him
"Twenty-two", he says with pride
"One of these bastards nearly got me
but he missed and I made him regret it."

From across the field we hear laughter
The germanian screams''only twenty two?''
His face lits up with the biggest smile
''I at least have twenty-eight!''

He walks up to me and asks
''Tell us how many you have slain''
I tell him I have killed twenty
He laughs and says''I have won again!''

The night begins to fall
As we decide to take our leave.
Eager for another battle
Eager for what the next day may bring.

As we ride into the night,
I would not have wished for better company
Together we will face the dangers ahead
For we are, the brotherhood of three.