Playthrough Progress

August 02, 2011

If anyone is acutally seriously wondering on the progress of ANY of my playthroughs....

I like work on on project at a time, while this rule or "guess" more like it doesn't always apply. Like I have Black and White 2 on the hold and for some reason I did a playthrough of LEGO Racers,

Now that kinda only works/worked because I did LEGO Racers in one day, one extremely long day of playing and editing and nearly two days without internet to upload (Since upload saps my internet)+(Still uploading as im writing this actually)

I will plan to do Black and White 2 FIRST, finish that and THEN move onto other projects. (Or not do Black and White 2 but other shorter play-through, regardless I will finished B&W2 before any other BIG play-through projects.

Also, news:
Playthrough section of the site temporarily disabled.