Black & White 2 [Episode 5 / Land 5]

September 27, 2011

Here it is, the next episode in my 1080p play-through of Black & White 2.
This is Episode 5 or Land 5 (Technically Land 6)

I survive a earthquake in this one, and its quite long as well
(Around one hour and twenty-eight minutes to be exact!)

I hope you enjoy! 

( I seriously recommend watching this on YouTube instead of imbedded.)


Dumbest mistake ever which I JUST realized. For Black and White 2 I missed Land 3.

Land 1        Should be       Land 1
Land 2        Should be       Land 2
Land 3        IS MISSING
Land "3"    SHOULD BE LAND 5
Land "5"    SHOULD BE LAND 6

Oddly enough I remember having Land 3 ready ... and I swear I had it uploaded. I have NO idea what happened. I think I might've deleted it.