Day 1 - Tommy

September 24, 2011

          If you are a regular follower of this blog, you would've known that on the day of September 24th I went to go see Tommy Wiseau LIVE at the Rio Theatre (CANADA, B.C. VANCOUVER).

And I would have to say that it was a spectacular event, seeing Tommy myself in person. The show itself was called the "Master Class" show... or something like that. It was a show, it was a workshop... frankly there really is not way to describe what had actually happened. The way it worked was that people could submit screenplays and the winner would have their script directed by Tommy Wiseau himself.

Now while I do have alot of footage, I would like to take the time to edit it properly.

Day one of TOMMY WISEAU beings now and over the next few days I'll release more pictures and such, until the day when I release the full video on YouTube.

Hey, old-school theatre! Oh Hai RIO!

You are tearing me apart ****!!!