Strange Occurances

September 18, 2011

There were some unusual things which had peaked my curiosity even before my trip to Korea (More during)

That the statics for my little puny blog seemed to be outrage-geously bloated. Look at the view count graph, that gaint spike! WHAT IS IT?!

Until today I thought that my initial viewer count had dropped (Example: Only 1-2 views per day and the spike was like 20 people) But looking at my Google Analytics's account, it has been averaging roughly around 10 or less per day.

That's one big spike...
And I checked the real value of the date... nearly 300 people visited that one day. And my statistics pointed at a old blog post; a drawing of a zergling / hydralisk which I posted a while back: Hail The Overmind.

Please click the image to view a larger version. I promise it'll be fast ;)
Further inspection revealed that the views originated from, the starcraft section to be precise.

My brain started making connections. Reddit + Starcraft? It must be Suffocate.

And so it was Suffocate. Here's the link to the original post on Reddit.

Anyway thanks to you suffocate I have learned that there is a certain greed inside me that wants more than a 7 daily viewer count. One which actually wants his Google Ads to start rolling in money, I'm going to take that one comments' advice and try to start a project; "stickmen" fighting with the zergling drawing / hydralisk.

*P.S. Project "TRIO" is not dead. I am currently attempting to ascertain a green-screen for proper chroma-keying.