That Warm Feeling In Your Heart

September 12, 2011

A couple years back... I mean like YEARS back, like lightyears. I saw this video when it was like 1k views. It's pretty big now, nearly 600,000 but you know what? The kid is just as disturbing as ever; if anything... even more disturbing.

What's with this random video linking you ask? I was really bored and was checking out insight and demographics of my existing and old videos. If you don't know my REALLY old video: Desultory Stickmen holds nearly 95% of my views...

Frankly I despise lying and fraud on Youtube... but this video itself has proven that hard work takes much longer to reap benefits as I'm sure it's popular because I actually named it: Stickman V.S. Mouse [Desultory Stickmen]

Anyway back to what I'm going on about. I was checking out the really really old comments on my Desultory Stickmen video and this kinda popped up (Visually, mentally... not physically):

Obviously from the comments section of the video.
Now personally I do know it sucks. Even during the time I uploaded it I didn't entirely agree with myself if it was the best I could do. Now I can obviously do better, and its shit to me NOW but I mean it's a learning / past experience and its just a memory to me.

Other than my overly sarcastic remark at this man's / child's pathetic attempt at "negative criticism" I was not really affected. I rememberd that even back then when this kid had posted, that he had NOTHING in his YouTube channel... so I was curious; did he have some amazing line of videos?!?!


Instead I go on his channel and this is what I find:

This is his channel. Devoid of videos and friends (Other than two)

Now I see two comments (Discluding mine) and I really did not anticipate what they said... (which you can obviously read for yourself...)

Perhaps they were fuelled by the same curiosity which I had, back when I first uploaded the stickmen video; the same curiosity as I had ventured into the realms of this kids channel today... perhaps they were interested in the legitimacy of this unknown kids statement... or maybe they wanted to defend another souls work of art.... regardless I am grateful for their comments, it's always nice to see something, well nice.

Now if these two comments were posted nearly years ago as the first "negative criticism" comment, it really wouldn't have moved me as much. But check it out, only around a couple months.

I wanted to share this because it's times like this that are rare. Not hard to find, but hard to come by. The two individuals, I thank you for your "crusader"-like comments. Surely you must not care; but your small comments were accepted quite well.

*P.S. Look at the 2nd picture and read Sector195's ABOUT ME section.. it ends with him saying "I like Tech decks." which made me remember the "How to make your tech deck look cooler" video! It's kinda like how you get sucked into Wikipedia! Oh Thor? What's this, Norse History? Hammers? Ohh Steel... Gotta read about Carbon atoms. (ETC)