October 24, 2011

Blog received giant template redesign. Colour schemes are the same, I took some time to fix some errors/bugs and fixed up the blog a bit, jump across the break for the changelog.

Also be on the lookout for two episodes of Black & White 2 to be coming along shortly; YouTube recently revamped their upload system and "pause-able" uploads are functional, therefore increasing my upload time. (Because of the size of my playthrough, they occasionally fail to upload resulting in multiple-upload attempts.)

I'm also going to try to enforce more page breaks with blog posts now to reduce cluttering. Embedded videos will now be AFTER the page-jump and will be smaller in resolution due the reduction in blog dimensions.

(So watch my videos at YouTube... Better resolution... more support for me!)

     After the jump means that part where you press "Read More" on a article to view the full story. The act of pressing that link is described as "Jumping." Hence the "After the Jump."

Anyway blog change-list after the jump:

Monday, October 25th 2011 CHANGELIST:

+ Changed main banner size, and font style. (Smaller Horizontally)
+ Changed YouTube background image to suit the font style change.
+ Moved RECENT COMMENTS section to the bottom. (Now displays up to eight comments.)
+ Edited PayPal description. Moved Donate button to the right top, removed description.
-  Removed / Fixed Firefox visual error displaying nearly five Google Adwords ads near the bottom of the page.
+ Added new blog description on the bottom of the page: WHAT IS THIS PLACE?
+ Added / Revamped RECENT POSTS section (Bottom of the page / Displays thumbnail+eight posts.)
+ Added proper Google Adwords ad on the bottom of the page.
+ Minor changes to text-link colour scheme.
+ Reinforced / changed blog coding. (More efficient.)
+ Added blog Favicon. (Tiny icon near your URL.)
+ Changed a small number of articles to fit the new "Reduce Clutter" moderation.
+ Overall blog horizontal dimension has shrunk. (To about 820 pixels wide.)

Blog is now satisfactory to my ideals and I'll be posting embedded videos in a left-alignment + after the page jump in blog posts to reduce clutter.