Stronghold 3

October 25, 2011

Stronghold 3.
We've been waiting quite some time for this one and I was disappoint. The amount of things wrong with Stronghold 3 is just ridiculous. Just check out the official Firefly forums here!

The overall situation of the matter can be expressed by these pictures.

TL;DWTR (TooLongDon'tWantToRead)
Stronghold 3 sucks and patch is "supposedly" on the way from Firefly.

Generalized Issues:
-Pre-ordered customers getting German/French version of Stronghold 3
-Install issue asking for CD2? (With Steam.)
-Stronghold 3 advertised with Co-op mode during "beta" phase. All mention of co-op gone after release. (Just like From Dust and online activation!)
-No skirmish mode. WHHHAAAAAAAAAA-
-Missions being literally impossible to beat. ( I couldn't even beat level one.)
-Wolves able to climb ladders.. (Weird.)
-Arrows going through walls.
-Buildings having terrible "placement" barriers (They take up alot of space.)

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I started off starting the game as normal... everything seems fine, set video settings to MAX and fixed the resolution to the correct one. I start a campaign game, the economic one. What the damm hell? I can't even beat the damm first level, because my apple farms keep getting apple blight rendering them APPLE-LESS and leaving my town without peasants!

If that wasn't enough, there are reoccurring plague spots that appear randomly killing giant groups of peasants at a time! So I get tired of that and move onto the economic FREE MODE.

Some things irked me. Food production output is vastly inferior. While I didn't have an overly hard time trying to match my "Eating" production with actual food production, it was nearly a 1:1 ratio. If you put alot of peasants to work on stone mining and other industrial tasks (So, stuff not making food.) you'll have a hard time finding a good balance for good production.

Adding to everything. Stronghold actually keeps alot of the original audio from the past game, yeah that's right peasants still say: "Yes m'Lord" in that same sultry voice.

I have filmed a video as quick as I could and I will present it as soon as it's uploaded, for it can speak much louder than I can. Other than that let's just hope that they'll start patching + major updates soon.

$50? Firefly you are disappoint :(

*In real life news, its almost Halloween here in Vancouver, B.C. Canada. That means its fireworks week. You can only buy and use fireworks in Vancouver between the dates of Oct 25 - 31. It's ridiculous really because literally every single store in the city sells them, advertising with gaint banners and what-not. Anyway I plan to get ALOT so hang onto your panties!