Playing With Matches

November 09, 2011

Playing With Matches is my first live-action film done... ever. Based tightly around a real life story, I decided to make a film about something that's a little different than your usual Youtube video.

Playing With Matches was filmed at high school with three of my friends. (Trevor, Aris and his two buddies.)  It took about four to five hours to shoot due to the lack of experience we had making films and the fact that we kept on messing up one of the action scenes in the movie (By we, I mean mostly me.)

Embedded video after the jump...

I do want to definitely do something film related, and this movie let's me make a small hop into the right direction. Like I mentioned this film is teeming with somewhat crude acting... bad editing and what-not but it was not the product I was more focused on during the conception of the film, it was the fact that I was out there doing something.

Playing With Matches is based on a real story. The real story is that after my high-school class ended I went to one of my friends house to play Mario Kart / Mario Party. Needless to say I stayed a bit too long and I didn't want to get on a one-hour bus ride to home... so I called my pops to pick me up.

Yet again, the thing with getting my dad to pick me up was that I would have to wait about an hour. So I just mindlessly walked back and forth for some time. Oh did I mention? Playing With Matches was filmed in the exact same place where my story ACTUAL happened! So filming the ordeal was rather easy since I could just run it through my mind.

Anyway like the film I started getting bored. I had no portable electronics so I had nothing to do, I had cleaned out the bottom of my shoes... I had organised my wallet 56 times. But wait? Matches in my bag? Hmmm....

And here is where boredom causes chaos... again just like the film, I attempt to light up the line of matches just as a group of students were leaving the school. We share about 5 seconds or so in silence just staring at each other in both confusion and shock... followed shortly by me jolting off into the distance.

Why did I run? Unlike the video it was actually very dark when this happened, and I was a bit further away from the students (Or closer? Can't remember.) But I did sense that I wasn't going to be exactly "praised" for my match-work. So I ran, sprinted... and I felt like I was in some kind of thriller movie. Like the movie again, I ran down some stairs and took to the bushes. One of the students shouted: "I know you're there, come out!" or something like that. If he knew where I was, why would he say that? In reality, most of the students following me went downhill and I only proceeded to go back up the stairs after about 2 minutes or so.

And here was the largest dilemma of the story... My house was FAR. My dad was coming to the school to pick me up, but almost ten students were patrolling the school looking for me! So I had to stay close to the school enough to get picked up by my dad yet I had to stay far away enough to not get caught.

I just circled the school a couple times... and then I luckily saw my dads car coming down the road and rad towards him, got into his car about one block away from the school.

Aside from that, going back to the unusual part. I really didn't want to make some retarded video with airsoft guns and what-not... those are dime-a-dozen on Youtube... or at least not those ones with endless shooting with no plot.

Well yeah.. enjoy.