Sins of a Solar Empire; Tutorial Video

December 10, 2011

Hey look! It's Sins of a Solar Empire, the RTS with practically the biggest scale... ever. And here it is with PikKirby, this time in Tutorial form!

Priority caused by Suffocate/Mathijs. The video came out better than I thought. There are two versions I'm releasing, the short stubby one meant for mainstream viewers and a longer "Uncut" version for people that want it (No-one?)

Anyway aside from that, I took two screen-caps of two different suns in the game, while only one of them made the thumbnail, both of them were so shiny-lookin' I thought I would provide you guys with a high-res version of the images...

Images and embedded videos after the jump!

The first and main (Shorter) video is about 11 minutes long. The extended "cut" version has a runtime of nearly 25 minutes I believe... The uncut version is also UNLISTED. Which means it doesn't appear on the "Suggestions" bar on the side of Youtube, instead you need a link to get to the video.