VanSC, Vancouver Starcraft

March 28, 2012

VanSC was started by a group of friends living in Vancouver, British Columbia who shared a passion for StarCraft 2.

Longtime friends, this group was made up of avid gamers with a lifelong appreciation for Blizzard games. They played and enjoyed everything from the original WarCraft (and every WarCraft game thereafter), Diablo I & II and (of course) the original StarCraft. When StarCraft 2 was finally released they were brought back together in a renewed dedication.

The group decided to create VanSC as a hub for activity both inside and out of the game with the intention of perhaps one day attracting other StarCraft players from Vancouver. Although relatively new, VanSC quickly garnered interest locally and internationally with new members from all across North America.

VanSC members range from bronze to masters in all divisions. The idea has never been to focus on talent but rather community and friendship. From that fosters an environment where members can help other members to grow and excel.

VanSC has held numerous small (10-15 people) LANs within the Vancouver area amongst its members and hopes to build towards larger events. VanSC is also working towards building a professional team to enter into local events as member skill continues to rise and the urge for serious competition is realized.

Check out VanSC.