Cosplay Style

August 28, 2012

Okabe reporting here, due to the lack of actual footage the video itself didn't come out perfectly as I had wanted to; but I still think that I was able to manage pretty well with what I would call a "mediocre" catch. (e.g. at the end of the video the scene just changes to the ACTUAL music video footage; why? Because of technical issues I actually wasn't able to record the final part of the dancing =(

Again big thanks to everyone who helped make this video a possibility, especially those whom contributed energetically! To be honest I did not go to the con expecting to make a video but it sort of just happened ~

Apologies to those whom thought their clips were too short, life is tuff buddy!

Please email or leave a comment for any inquires above the usual casual chatter.

See y'all next year!
El Psy Congroo