Can we build it? Yes we can!

May 09, 2010

The combination of no sleep and great photography.

Right before I was about to go to bed I looked out my window before I closed the blinds, it was breathtakingly refreshing. The darkness and blue mixing togehter in a awesome display of nature. So I ran outside my balcony and took millions of pictures.

With the sky picture I was actually creating a banner for my friend, who runs a bocking club in the US. His site is XD Bockers. After making his banner I felt I should do something else.

Two updates in a day is new, at least it somewhat makes up for my previous missed posts. I thought I'd post the process on how I make my banner. Here it goes.

1. Getting the backdrop / background.


Great picture, shot in panorama mode.

The sun was about to set and I caught this beauty. For a backround / backdrop you would want something thats gradient or not too flashy. Obviously you want the attention to be on the logo, not the background.

Now this backdrop is great because it makes a great backdrop, simple yet effectively awesome.

2. Editing the image of the bocker (Me).

First we take the image from the raw picture and clip it out, as you can see in the first picture. We take care to clip it out properly, without leaving too much backround or clipping too much of the picture itself.

Then we take that fully clipped picture and lower the brightness and contrast to -100%. Then we get the final product, a silhouette. Now we can take the silhouette and change it's colour to pink or something.

3. Attaching the silhouette to the backdrop.

Next we put the silhouette in the backdrop. Where-ever convenient for you. I chose the same color scheme for the silhouette because I wanted didn't want the bocker to take all the focus away.

4. Adding the title / logo.

I realize the lettering is not perfectly in the center.

We add our font / lettering / logo now. I personally think this is the most important part (Obviously). The font I chose was very elegant in my opinion. I choose orange as the colour since it opposes blue.

Here, I just added a small blue shadow behind the OJ lettering.

5. Complete the logo with post-effects.

The final product.

Making the blue lettering shadow into a blur, blurring the bocker, and adding a radical blur on the back-round makes the orange lettering stand out even more. Besides it makes it look kool =P