Darn Tootin!

May 08, 2010

 I woke up this morning greeted by a ladybug...

I woke up today with a sleepy slumber. I barely got up. When I did finally get up I noticed something moving outside my window, a black dot or something. It was moving, quite fast too. At first I dismissed the black dot and just thought it was a fly or a bee tackling my window from the outside. I took another look and realized that
the black dot had a little red on it. It was a ladybug! After seeing the ladybug I turned my head to check the time, I looked back at the ladybug. It was inside the house, crawling on the inner side of the window. Like a tiger with a pounce, I pulled up the blinds aggressively (Not too aggressively, for the ladybug could've fallen) and reached for my camera. 

Taking close up marco pictures of the ladybug really gave me some neat practice, I never took pictures of a ladybug crawling on my window before. I didn't know that taking pictures of a moving ladybug was so difficult. Even so I look forward to working with the ladybug again, it did some great work! :)

Anyway, last night I spent a majority of my time playing SimCity 4: Rush Hour. My town usually suffered from constant abandonment due to "commute times". Although I have to admit the game is fun, since the last time I played it was about a year ago. My main issue is that it's very difficult to get high-rise buildings in SimCity, not that it's impossible, it's just hard.

Here's some more shots of the lovely ladybug: