Hell, it's about time.

May 19, 2010

It's about time alright...

I finally just got my beta invite to the Starcraft 2 Beta. After looking back at all the years...

I started playing Starcraft almost since I was 10. I've played Broodwar, Diablo, Diablo II, Warcraft III, Frozen Throne, and even WoW. When Blizzard FINALLY sent me a bloody invite I was in a mixed state of dismay and shock.

Warning, This blog post contains:
Ranting and PC Gaming

It all started with my childhood, where I spent most of my time playing Use Map Setting games on Battle.net after I found out that ladder games were impossibly hard for me. I did for a few years, after that I got bored of Broodwar and moved onto Warcraft III. For almost five years I didn't play Starcraft, I got back into though. Attempting to reinstall Starcraft I searched my room for my CD -Key. I think it took me almost a week to find it. I installed Starcraft using my CD-Key and I log into Battle.net. Boom. Account does not exist, or something like that pops up. I gave up on that and moved on. Another couple of years later I try to re-install Starcraft again. (I forgot the CD-Key didn't work) except this time I emailed the Blizzard staff asking why I couldn't play Battle.net. Apparently my CD-Key had expired. I forgot about Starcraft for years... until Blizzard announced SC2. For a year or so I was hyped for Starcraft II, I made a Battle.net account, connected my WoW account and Warcraft games. I was going to connect my Starcraft account, because I thought that would make my account more eligible for the beta entry. Well I can't do that now, can I?

Anyway I'm downloading the beta right now, I'm not expecting anything new since I torrented the beta a while back. Although it'll feel nice taunting my friends that I got into the official beta.