No Gods, or Kings, Only Man

May 18, 2010

A picture of myself in my trench coat and hat. Edited to reflect old time pictures in sepia.

With blogging I find it hard to vent out more personal things. Such as my opinions on life, or how I feel about politics, or maybe what I really think about that guy who just shoved me over. Whenever I'm hanging out with my friends, playing a round of TF2, or just watching YouTube videos I try to fit discretion into each different category.

Warning, This blog post contains:
Ranting, Photography, and PC Gaming

For example, if I'm watching a Youtube video and I see a post of a 15-year old debating that Nazi's would have won WWII if they only won that "particular" battle. Perhaps he's even actually mocking my own video. In this stage I would usually ignore the comment or leave an extremely sarcastic statement. Why? Because I have better things to do than prove the irrationalities that everyone already agrees to. Heck I could sit in a chair and just do nothing than rather mock that 15-year old war buff.

It's very hard for me to come out of little protective shell of sarcasm, I'm sure alot of other people are too, but when the world is in the state it is; who can blame you?

(Try posting on the internet about your feelings)

Ranting Over.

Red Dead Redemption, the next piece of playable art that Rockstar has created.
I have always been a fan of Rockstar. My first Rockstar game was Grand Theft Auto III. I remember it took alot of persuasion for my mom to finally buy me a M-Rated game. After GTA3 I played most of the hit titles Rockstar released such as, GTA: San Andreas, Vice City, and GTA IV. I haven't had a chance to play the two new DLC's for GTA IV, although I wish I could. Since I was playing since GTA3 as a kid, I'd have to say that I'm a fan of Rockstar's work. In my personal opinion: Red Dead Redemption, the next piece of playable art that Rockstar has created.

Sadly enough I won't be buying this title anytime soon. I think I'll wait until Rockstar ports it to the PC, I'm sure they will since they ported GTA IV a little later after the initial release.