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May 12, 2010

Thy tomato be angry?

Hey! Welcome back to the blog! Today I thought it would be fun to create a new logo for my comic series, The Angry Tomato. Here's the final product, and how I made it. (Also the next Angry Tomato clip too)

1. The Tomato

First we take the picture that we want the object to crop out. In this case I needed a tomato, i choose this picture because the tomato is very nicely shaped. Almost perfectly elliptical.

2. The Cropping

We crop by using our "Magic Wand" tool. We take out most parts with that, after we finish it up neatly using the eraser tool. It doesn't have to be perfect, since all we're going to be left with is a silhouette mostly.

3. The De-Coloring

We lower the contrast (Color) by 100%, and adjust the brightness to about 45%. If you've seen my last "Making-Of" you'll notice I'm using similar techniques. This leaves us with only two choices, black and white.

4. Re-Coloring

Here we add our darker, base color. It substitutes all black pixels. We want our main color to be bold and attractive, why? Because it's our MAIN color.

5. Secondary Color

We've added a secondary color now, it replaces all white pixels. (Now you know why lowering the contrast was important). The secondary and main color should be similar in palette length, I'd avoid using colors opposite from the color wheel. The two color's should be very similar. (If some of you notice, this type of design is very similar to those techniques used in famous movies, such as Sin City and 300)

6. Adding Letter Shadows.

Here I've added orange lettering to act as the shadow for the main lettering. The color is orange, which matches the secondary color.

7. Main Lettering and Post FX

The final product! This logo took me about roughly an hour and a half, give or take half an hour. For this logo I wanted a simple color scheme, only two color's are used, red and orange. This gives the logo simplicity, but also makes it stand out as well. I've also added little splash effects on the lettering as well as dripping. If I had more time I would've prefected the splashes, but oh well.

Anyway here's your clip of the day!

Whoops, I acutally made the clip for today but I forgot to save........... :L

My apologies!