Ubisoft DRM Fail

May 02, 2010

(^Man being strangled = Ubisoft / Sam Fisher = Me^)

It's Saturday.

After a week long of school and watching gameplay videos of Splinter Cell: Conviction I was hyped for the game. There was no cracked version online at the moment.

I did the worst possible thing to do at the time. I spent $59.99 and bought Splinter Cell: Conviction vis Steam. It took over 5-6 hours to finally download the game (Around 500-700 KB/s), at which time I was so anticipated diarrhea was flowing down my pants and I was foaming at the mouth.

I launch the game; it installed some 2007 version of C++, pretty standard, nothing alarming. Then Ubisoft Game Launcher starts up and shows a picture of Sam Fisher grabbing some guy by the collar while looking extremely ticked off.


(My best recollection of the moment before my sight was filled with red blood rage of angry... rage.)

"Ubisoft Game Launcher could not connect to Ubisoft server. This game requires a permanent internet connection to play. Please makesureiawdamwdOMFGFO!!!@M!@"

It's Sunday,

Skidrow releases cracked / pirated / working version of Splinter Cell: Conviction on Piratebay.org

I'm sure I don't even have to type anything to show my anger and rage. I join the army of Ubisoft DRM boycotters. Now if you'll excuse me I need to go plot the ultimate destruction of Ubisoft headquarters.

Other News:

I was planning on going bocking today with a giant water bottle. Planned to bock all day on a supposedly great Sunday afternoon. It rained.

I hate Vancouver weather. >=(