Damm, it sucks.

August 12, 2010

 Seriously human?

I'll keep it nice an' simple.

I just finished the Starcraft II campagain, in about roughly 2 days. Around 6-8 hrs each. All I have to say is...


Other than that, I'm quite disappointed in how short the campaign was. Very disappointed. Also the fact that the campaign sucks. The story isn't as strong as it was in Starcraft 1.

That it really. Good thing I didn't buy Starcraft II yet. If I do I think I'll just buy the standard version, just for playing online (Custom maps FTW!!!)

(I cannot stress enough how short the campagain was. So short, not even funny. One large 12-player game in Sins of a Solar Empire is longer than the Starcraft II campaign for gods sakes.)