Possible Relocation

August 09, 2010

 Here is a mildly amusing image that you've probably already 
seen that has no relevance to the rising words below.

Yes, I've been a bad blogger. So what tons of people are **** bloggers. One of the largest contributing factors to my absence was that BLOGGER SUX. (Possibly not the best place to say it xD)

They apparently came out with some new template design, which I attempted to avoid but couldn't and it changed my blog template to one I despise... alot.

"If I did start blogging, again, I think I'm going to ditch this one."

I've been trying to get into C++ now, also started up again on Flash, FL Studio, Photoshop, Autodesk (3D Max). Right now C++ is giving me a big headache... If I did start blogging ,again, I think I'm going to ditch this one.

I can't blog on a blog I hate! If I do make another blog I think I might use a different provider or just script the HTML/CSS entirely myself; im really hating these templates.

Until again,
(I saw my Google statistics, I know someone is still reading my blog :) 

EDIT: I Release the Offical AR-Community Wiki
Check it out! Written by yours truly! :)