There are some minor errands which I need completed, but it would be more appropriate to give them to one of my own men, not to a sworn vassal of the realm.

June 13, 2010

The phrase which is stuck in my head.

I've been playing Mount & Blade: Warband alot lately, pretty much only game I have played in a while. I know I've been testy with my blog page updates (Oh well). It also looks like my trip to Germany might be delayed or even canceled! :(

Warning, This blog post contains:
Ranting, PC Gaming, and Personal Life

I'm going to start it off saying that this blog post is going to be short. Not long or super short like just a hello (pheww). As you read in the intro statement, I've been playing M&BW alot. When you become a vassal in the game, you tend to... "lose" a majority of quest option. Anyway today's picture is the phrase which is stuck in my head.