The wind blows from the south.

May 31, 2010

Shot at Stanley Park. I was coming back home after a visit to the Vancouver Aquarium.

Huh, my last post was on May 23rd. That's almost 8 days of inactivity. If it's anything at all, I'm feeling very tired often these days. I barely get up on the mornings, and if at all I don't get around to posting on my blog (Obvious).

Warning This blog post contains:
Ranting, PC Gaming, and Personal Life

The weather here has just been brutal, not only that I've been sick the entire weekend. Spending all day indoors doesn't really help my bio-clock. I tend to fall asleep around 3-4am in the morning now. I am feeling better now, at least during my sickness I did get a chance to FINALLY finish Red Faction: Guerrilla. I actually bought RFG on Steam while it was around $49.99 I believe... This was back long ago on my previous computer. It couldn't run RFG. It was an unusual bug, unlike other bugs that were posted on various forums and tech support sites. Anyway I gave up trying to run RFG and just dismissed it. Until I got my new computer, where RFG decided to start magically working. Also after I started playing RFG Steam released another game and offered RFG for free with the purchase. (I was kinda ticked off, can't remember what game it was offered with though)
The game does have it's issues and problems. I really enjoyed the GeoMod 2.0 or whatever it is. It gives destructible freedom I've never experienced EVER on any game before. Need to get in a building? Smash through the wall with your over-powered sledgehammer. I just have to say that the game is very fun. It's like GTA mixed with a little Garrysmod in some ways, disclosing all the aspects of creation in Garrysmod and only destruction. I could spend hours just planning and demolishing buildings and towers after playing games that restrict that freedom. I have to say though the stealth in the game is just horrid. The game also has the largest factor that I hate the MOST in any game. Very bad graphics adjustments. I hate games that don't offer many graphic tweaking, I had to turn EVERYTHING low in RFG, and the game still looked sexy and shiny. RFG offers almost no tweaking at all, and with all those little building pieces flying everywhere during a battle, you want those settings to be low... unless you have a fusion-powered fifty-core computer with three-thousand graphics cards.