Don't Breathe That Air

October 19, 2011

Gask Mask + Helmet + Screen
Sometimes the only way we can truly look at... *cough*

I mean I didn't have any video content or anything overly interesting talk about... again. So here I am linking another random Google image which barely has any relation with my blog post...

-World destroyed
-Collapse of Society
-Toxic Atmosphere

Taking place in a unmentioned and unknown timeline... UNTITLED PROJECT focus' on a single survivor in the apocalyptic future. He is the third generation after the collapse of society... The world itself is infested with toxic fumes, a result of the war which had erased nearly 90% of the worlds population. The survivors of this future must either keep residence inside isolated vacuums or live via filters/ gas masks.

Taking a referring note form Metro 2033, although the air itself is not composed of irradiated particles from a nuclear blast (Not as much)... In UNTITLED PROJECT the war involved various nuclear bombs as well has numerous gas-bombs, enough to fill most of the atmosphere with deadly gasses such as Mustard Gas, Chlorine Gas, and other various deadly compounds.

Again referring Metro 2033, this means that there is great value placed on filters and what-not... just like pre-war bullets in Metro 2033. Although... since you can live without bullets; the filters are much more precious.