Journal Time

October 20, 2011

I've decided to dig up my old journal... or notebook filled with some of my drawings. I am not a very good artist,  I'm definitely not posting this stuff because I think I'm good; but in a desperate attempt to fill up my blog with original content.

I'm going to try to enforce page breaks more often so you don't get the main page filled up as much, just remember to click the READ MORE link to continue with the article.

Pictures and changelog after the jump...

And there are some other minor changes to the blog:
Wednesday, October 19th 2011 BLOG CHANGELIST
- Moved view-count to the bottom left of the blog.
- Added RECENT COMMENTS section on the sidebar again.
- Added background colour to bottom headers on blog posts. (Brightyellow-ish)
- Changed text links from blue to green.
- Shortened PayPal "PikKirby is hungry" description to be a little shorter.
- Changed bottom banner post date to: "Posted on xx/xx/xx xx:xx xm"

Here it goes:

An old cartoon charecterI had designed when I was young.
Some of you might reconigze 
Actually had nothing to do with "steam" as in hl2.

The picture "template" thing or organizer on this site is really bad. I didn't add captions for all of them because it would've f-ed up the alignment.

"When Zombies Attack" - An idea for a comic book cover. Originally supposed to contain other things such as fake publisher logos and what-not. Just ended up with a zombie hand and a simple title...
"Y Moose" - An old cartoon character I had designed when I was a kid. Some of you who know me well will remember him from certain places... I will also hint that a future blog post may be related to Y Moose (Hint)

"Steam" - Another picture which was supposed to mimic the cover of a comic book. I had drawn a character for this as well, but it didn't come out too well... so I only took a picture of the logo (Which is nice)

"Windmill Man" - A rough sketch. I think was trying to draw fingers with long nails... it somehow evolved into the guy from Zelda playing the "box" instrument. I know it looks nothing like him.. that's why the caption exists.

"Other Hand... thing" - After the Zombies Attack hand, I got a little confident and attempted to try my hand again. Not bad!

"SWEET ZOMBIE JESUS" - Picture is self explanatory.