From Dust

October 17, 2011

Short video. For some odd reason I had to re-re-re-render this like five times because I kept getting black "clips". Anyway it finally rendered properly (After two days of intensive rendering sessions) and here it is!

It's just a short video of me playing around in FROM DUST, building gaint dams and such... attempting to create a giant wave of death to kill villagers in the game.

Skip to 6:42 for AWESOME! (Video after the jump.)

I added a small "Annotations Disappearing in..." counter as a annotation in the video. Give a look, a little annoying perhaps but I always feel unsure when turning annotations off... since I'm worried I might miss something important, or if the "SUSCRIBE TO ME BITCH" annotation will just be there the entire video...

Anyway I added a counter which counts down from 30 seconds.