History, A Look at Past Designs

October 13, 2011

I haven't really taken the time to right any type of article or what-not recently... so after my new site redesign, I thought I would overview some past (Major) design schemes that PikKirby.blogspot.com has seen over the years.

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I really don't know the actual dates for these banners, but you can get the basic understanding of how the site/blog has changed over the years...

We first have the blue/black banner from way-long-time-ago, with the orange letter scheme.

Then we have the A:>, Unix-style banner...

And the more recent, bright "piss" coloured simple banner style...

And the style used right before the current one, a toned down "dirty-yellow" thing going on.

Failed Test Banners

Here's three sample designs which I rejected for being overly too "complex" for the banner. The current banner itself is overly sophisticated as well, but I think it's fine for now. I might revert back to the "simple" style with the same colour scheme.

I just found that with the background + banner have stripes, it would be overwhelming (Hence, failed banners) The design itself was actually created to imitate the surface of a screen (A pipboy for example)

Well anyway I got the damm blog/youtube channel renovated and that's off my To-Do-List ... on to the next 400 on my list..