Black & White 2: The Final Conflict

December 15, 2011

I've finally finished my entire play-through series of Black & White 2. The video is uploading as I speak and (Like right when I posted this...)

It's been eight hard and long episodes. My thanks to those whom actually enjoyed the videos.. the reason I kept to my oath to finishing the series. And to others who actually care, the expansion for BW2 (Battle of The Gods) is/will not be ignored. It is also a planned future play-through game.

To be honest I think that most likely.. Diggles might be up for the "torch-running" now. Take a small break from Black and White 2, because man I've been playing that for a while now...

Other than that, I do/am planning on re-doing the Black & White 2 section of the blog to better fit my finale.

Anyway usual as always, embedded video after the jump.