The Ultimate Trio, Payday The Heist

January 13, 2012

Hey look I finally posted on my blog! After a long long time of silence, we're here with a comeback, another TUT video. This time we're playing Payday.

Also to add, we have a new channel: Ultimate Trio Gaming. We would've taken The Ultimate Trio but it was already taken :(

So that means in a sense for now I'm doubling my output since UltimateTrioGaming is entirely a separate channel. My friends involved; Suffocate and Mathijs also have access to the channel so they may freely insult other people or even upload videos on their own as well...

And to those of you who actually read this blog for the sake of curiosity, Diggles: Myth of Fenris has been CONFIRMED as the next playthrough.

Anyway embedded video after the jump. Or you can just click the link.