Startopia Episode 1 + Diggles Soon + Vestibulum

January 26, 2012

Startopia Ep1. The Groulien Workers Party + Unboxing
Here we go, presenting another new playthrough series! this time we're playing Startopia, a "bussiness" tycoon type game for the PC relaesd back in 2001 by Edios and developed by Muckyfoot.

Anyway this is the first episode, and it includes a physical unboxing/unwrapping of the game. Take note that the copy is actually "redistributed" or "repackaged" version by Sold Out Games. So technically it's not as genuine as I wanted it too, but at least it is/was a new copy. Video link here.

I'm actually going to stop embedding videos in the blog now because there's practically no point in watching my videos on the blog in my opinion...

OTHER THAN THAT. Diggles Episode one has been fully recorded and is currently being edited! So look for it very very soon.

AND OTHER THAN THAT. My minecraft server; Vestibulum, is currently being worked on, and will be available for the public very very soon! To add to this, the Vestibulum section has been modified a bit more, not much... and I'd advise that you guys check our the forums!

In general I'm being much more active in recent times so make sure to check the blog more often.