Startopia REUPLOAD + Minecraft + Diggles

January 28, 2012

Hey everyone, sorry about putting down the new Startopia video. I just wanted to fix some small issues in the intro scene where I unwrap the game. Aside from about 5 seconds of less footage due to minor cuts there are not many differences from the first original upload.

Anyway the video should be up now (Uploading as I'm writing this.) and I hope you enjoy.

To update on the status of the Diggles video... I haven't been able to make too much editing focus on it. Due to the nature of the video (Because it's a tutorial level... I don't/didn't talk at all.) I think I may leave the first episode of Diggles without audio commentary just because I didn't record anything live while playing. Diggles should be up and ready to view on Youtube sometime later in the week though.

Other than that, Minecraft! Vestibulum has gotten alot further in terms of starting up again properly, this time with alot more plugins and proper permissions! (A ton of other things as well.) We should be starting "Awesome Creative Weekend" in aboots a day or three so keep tuned for that.