The man that requires an introduction

May 29, 2012

It's been nearly one year since my unforgettable encounter with movie-legend: Tommy Wiseau. The Master's Class "show" was a little less than a year ago, my original intention was to upload the entire show with full Wiseau-Subtitles (Subs for Tommy only) but sadly that never really came to be.

Due to some very unusual compatibly issues with the older video files I can't really redo or add subtitles to the files. I'll go ahead and upload the video anyway but sadly enough the subs will just randomly stop 3/4th through the video.

The thing is that Tommy Wiseau actually announced the reveal of The Room releasing in BluRay sometime soon so that'll be very interesting! Aside from that enjoy the man himself teaching directorial skills to some random Vancouverites.

EDIT: Video removed due to some issues. I'll post it here once I settle everything.