May 28, 2012

Once again I'm going through another design scheme change. I'm keeping my freshly picked logo but I have decided to move away from image backgrounds once again. I'm also planning on posting on the blog again more than once a month and get more active on Youtube as well.

For those of you who actually read this site and follow me on Youtube (You must be insane.) Black & White 2: Battle of The Gods is still a planned series for the unforeseeable future so don't worry. Same with Startopia and
Diggles, reminder that starting from Episode 2 and onwards that for Diggles; audio-commentary will be present.

But before I start on another playthrough it'll be most likely start that set of reviews I was talking about, here are some really bad and bland name ideas:

-The Retrospect of PikKirby
-PikKirby's Adventurous Analysis

10 seconds on isn't the most fulfilling.

Other than that the clan I'm in, which is VanSC for those of you living in a cave, is throwing a real-life tournament! With money and everything! The tournament is called Archon Alpha and VanSC has also parented up with actimage and raidcall to help pay for the bills or something. Very interesting tournament, check it out if you live in the Vancouver area (Canada)

No-one has said anything but I'm looking forward to being possibly able to cast at a real-life event.